Fostering the Fullest Potential of Each and Every Student

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Is your child having difficulty at school?

Are you not  being heard or worse…feel like your child isn’t being heard?

Do you feel alone trying to navigate the daunting journey of special education?

As a special education consultant with more 35 years of hands-on experience in all aspects of special education — from teacher to special ed administrator to Executive Director and most importantly as a parent — I can help guide you through the process of getting your child what he or she needs.

My philosophy is simple; I believe…

  • Parents know their children best — and should have a strong voice in their educational planning.
  • Students can and do go beyond the limits of a team’s expectations.
  • What is best for our children is always at the  forefront of the discussion. I always ask, “If this is my child knowing what I know, what would be the best course of action?”
  • In fostering a collaborative relationship between parents and the school and view myself as the guardian of the student’s progress and potential.

I invite you to contact me by phone at (339)368-0931 or via email at to learn more about ways I can help you support your child.

Helping Students Achieve Success

Helping Parents Make Informed Decisions

Helping Educators Find Unique Solutions

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